The Morning Blotter: Man Beaten In Magnolia For Telling Group to Turn Down Their Music

A man was beaten and robbed in Magnolia Saturday morning after he told a group of men at a gas station to turn down their car stereo, police say.

Just before 2:00am on October 2nd, the victim walked in to the gas station and bought some beer and cigarettes.

As the victim walked out through the store’s parking lot, he told a group of men to turn their car stereo down while they were pumping gas.

The victim and suspects exchanged words, and the victim walked off.

A few minutes later, the suspects walked up to the victim on the street and surrounded him.

One of the suspects was armed with a knife, so the victim “pretended like he had a gun,” the report says.

Unfortunately, the suspects quickly figured out he wasn’t armed, and attacked him.

The victim and the man armed with the knife ended up wrestling on the ground, while the other suspects punched and kicked the victim.

The suspects took the victim’s beer and cigarettes and fled.

It’s not clear exactly where the attack took place, but the report appears to indicate the man was jumped near 22nd and Thorndyke Ave W.

Following the incident, police advised the victim to go to the hospital, but he refused “due to not having any insurance,” the report says.

The man told police the suspects were driving an older model SUV with a top that had been cut off or removed.