UW Death Is Not Suspicious (Updated)

Update: The King County Medical Examiner’s office has ruled the death a suicide.

The death of a young woman at a University District frat house yesterday has caused quite a stir around UW’s campus.

We’ve received numerous emails and called from concerned students and parents about the incident, because there are lots of rumors flying around about this death.

The woman was found dead at a frat house north of the UW campus at  4:30pm yesterday. Although police released some information indicating the death was a suicide—a rare move, as the department typically does not comment on suicides—but rumors that the woman was being stalked, or died from an overdose have spread across the school’s campus.

While the medical examiner’s office has yet to release an official cause of death, we’ve talked to several sources today who are familiar with the details of the investigation who tell us this was, unfortunately, a suicide.

We’re not going to provide details about what police found at the scene, but what we’ve heard definitely indicates this was a suicide.

Hopefully some good can come from this and UW will use this as an opportunity to engage students in talking about ways to deal with the sometimes-crushing weight of the universe.