Beacon Hill Murder-Suicide Was Planned, Police Investigating Whether Shooter Had Help

The woman who fatally shot her boyfriend on Beacon Hill before killing herself in August composed a will with a friend just hours before the shooting, police records say.

Last month,  SPD homicide detectives filed a warrant to determine whether a friend of the shooter was with her at the time of the incident.

On August 3rd, just before 3:00pm, police say Lakesha French shot her boyfriend, Shawn Hall, six times on the street in the 1400 block of S Hinds St. Hall died at the scene.

Witnesses told detectives they saw a woman leaning out of the passenger side of a car with a gun in her hand, “shooting a man down to the ground.”

Witnesses were unable to tell police whether anyone else was in the car during the shooting, but told police the woman was in the passenger seat of the car before it drove off.

After the shooting, police records say French called her mother and said she had shot her boyfriend, Hall, and that she was going to kill herself. French’s mother called 911.

About two hours after the shooting, police spotted French driving through Tukwila. Officers followed French, who pulled down a dead end road, and fatally shot herself.

When police searched French’s car, they found a notarized will—which one of her friends had also signed as a witness—along with several suicide notes written to her family. Police also recovered a pistol.

Police interviewed the friend who had signed French’s will, who told detectives French had called her the morning of the shooting and asked her to go with her to run some errands. French went to Westwood Village where they completed a will and had it notarized.

The women then drove past an apartment on Beacon Hill and then to Burien. French’s friend told police that French dropped her off at her apartment and then left alone.

Police records indicate that homicide detectives requested French’s friend’s cell phone records to determine whether she was on Beacon Hill at the time of the shooting.

The friend told police French never said anything about killing her boyfriend.

We’ve got a call in to SPD to find out whether French’s friend has been cleared.