Man Attacks, Robs Prostitute at Downtown Hotel

On Tuesday, a woman contacted police and said she’d been attacked and robbed by a man who had contacted her through an escort service.

The woman told police that she’d met with the man, had a couple drinks, played pool, and went back to a hotel on 7th and Pike around 1:00am that morning.

The woman told police she and the man sat around for awhile talking and drinking, when the suspect suddenly slammed her into the headboard of a bed, knocking her unconscious.

The woman woke up in the room in middle of the night—apparently alone—and tried to call a friend but was unable to stay awake.

She awoke again later that morning and called 911.

Medics came to the hotel and treated the woman, who refused to go to the hospital, police records say.

The woman told officers, she didn’t believe she’d had sex with or been sexually assaulted by the suspect, who may have stolen her wallet and computer.

The woman provided police with the suspect’s phone number.