Club Bouncers Get a Face Full of Bear Mace

An Oregon man is suspected of hosing down security staff at El Corazon with a can of bear mace after bouncers ejected the man from the club last week.

Who would mace such a cute widdle thing?

Police were called to the club in the 100 block Eastlake Ave and October 6th about 1:15am where staff told police that the incident started when a man—described as a white male, 5’10, 170 pounds, with pink and black hair, wearing a black bandanna and a pink furry jacket—approached the bar inside the club and said “Am I going to get some fucking service here, I guess you don’t want my money.”

Security staff escorted both men out of the club and sent him on his way.

Later, as the club was shutting down the suspect returned, tapped a staff member on the shoulder, and sprayed him in the face with bear mace when he turned around.

A half-dozen bouncers rushed the suspect and tried to tackle him, but the man sprayed them too, and then fled.

One bouncer chased the man down the street, but the suspect pulled a knife and told the bouncer “I will fucking cut you, man.”

Club staff told police they believed the man had driven away in a beaten up silver or gold colored Honda Civic.

Police were able to identify the suspect from his credit card receipts and collected the bear mace from the scene.