The Morning Blotter: Man Uses Shoes to Fend Off Robbers In the U-District

A man fended off several robbers in the University District last week using only his wits and his shoes.

Around 3:15am, the victim—who appears to be a student at UW—told police he was walking south on University Way near 43rd when two men approached him.

“He said that the two suspects looked at each other without saying anything to each other, and then looked at him with a look of intent,” a police report says. “He said that the suspect wearing a baseball hat ran out into the street in an attempt to circle around him, while the second suspect ran directly toward him.”

The victim figured out the men were about to jump him and “realized that his shoes were not suitable for running.” So, the man threw his shoes at the suspects and ran.

The report does not say what kind of shoes the victim was wearing, but I’d like to think they looked like these:

Nothing was taken from the victim in the robbery other than his shoes, which were gone when police drove him by the scene.

Police transported the man back to his dorm. Officers weren’t able to locate the suspects.