To Rob A Dead Man

Did someone rip off a dead man?

Not long after a parking enforcement officer wrote a ticket to a dead man in Georgetown in August, Seattle police filed a warrant to try to locate a number of items which were apparently missing from the man’s vehicle, according to a search warrant released this week.

On August 3rd, a parking enforcement officer left a ticket on the window of a car parked in the 1700 block of Airport Way S. The PEO didn’t notice there was a dead man inside the car.

About 45 minutes later, the man’s girlfriend found the car, which was parked outside of a methadone clinic. Medics were called, but they determined the man was dead. Police later voided the parking ticket. The man’s death is not considered a homicide, according to police records.

The woman told police she had been trying to find her boyfriend for the last 24 hours. His death is not considered a homicide, according to police.

According to police records, the woman told police a number of items were missing from the vehicle, including a motorcycle helmet, clothes, CDs, jewelry, and the dead man’s cell phone.

Police filed a warrant in August—which indicates police initially investigated the case as a theft—to try to locate the phone.

We’ll check in with them and see if they were ever able to find out what happened to the missing items.