Pack of Teens Beat, Rob Two Men In Seward Park

Almost exactly 24 hours before police say a man attacked a 55-year-old jogger in Seward Park Monday night, a group of teens allegedly beat and robbed two men on a trail in the park.

Two victims were on the upper loop trail of the park around 6:30pm when twelve teenage boys approached them and “began ‘hassling’ them,” according to a police report.

The group of teens surrounded the victims, pushed both of them to the ground, and took their skateboards, and one man’s cell phone.

The suspects then ran off through the woods.

Neither man was seriously injured in the attack.

The victims told police they believed the teens might be associated with a large group of high school students having a party inside the park.

Officers contacted the students at the party, but the victims and police were not able to locate any of the suspects.

This is not a good week to go to Seward Park.