“She had become used to being verbally abused and threatened daily.”


Seattle police say, [Charles Edwards] threatened to kill her, dry firing a pistol at the woman as she lay in bed recovering from a cancer treatment.

“If there were any slugs in the house … BAM!” Edwards is alleged to have said. “It’d be over.”

Now, King County prosecutors say Edwards — a convicted felon who claimed to be a killer — could face a life sentence under the state’s “three strikes” law meant to target repeat violent offenders.

Purported to be a member of the Vice Lords gang, Edwards is a suspect in six domestic violence incidents involving several women in 2010 alone. While authorities are still attempting to verify his multi-state criminal history, he is believed to have previously been convicted of multiple crimes against people and have three outstanding arrest warrants related to domestic violence.

Filing unlawful gun possession and domestic violence charges earlier this month, prosecutors claim Edwards threatened to kill a North Seattle woman with whom he was romantically involved as she was incapacitated following a major surgery