Mom Calls Cops Over Son’s Hazing

Just after midnight on October 8th, the student’s mother called police and said her son—who appears to be high-school age—had been hazed.

According to a police report, several of the boy’s schoolmates offered him a ride to school around 2:30pm (which seems a bit weird).

Instead of going to school, the boy’s schoolmates drove him to a park where “they forced [him] to drink alcohol.” The horror.

The boy “became so intoxicated that he does not remember what happened after drinking at the park,” the report says. [Ed note: I think that’s how I ended up in this line of work]

A female classmate later found him passed out in some bushes on Montlake Boulevard and roused him. The girl then called her father, who came and took the boy home.

The boy slept for a few hours before his mother came home and took him to the hospital around 8:45pm.

Hospital staff treated him for minor scrapes and intoxication, the report says, and his mother then called police.

The boy was apparently not able to provide police with information about the suspects.

A likely story.