The Morning Blotter: Bellevue Edition

Every once in awhile we’ll venture outside of the Seattle city limits for a story. This is one of those times.

Police arrested one woman at Bellevue Community College last week after she allegedly stabbed a 19-year-old classmate in an anger management course.

According to Bellevue Police Department spokeswoman Carla Iafrate, the suspect and female victim were watching a Dr. Phil video on anger management in class around 9:30am on October 9th when the two women got into an argument.

The victim said something to the suspect—who later claimed the victim had threatened her—before more words were exchanged, and the suspect stabbed the victim in the arm and shoulder with a 2-inch blade.

The attack was witnessed by the entire class, as well as the instructor, according to Iafrate.

Police arrested the suspect and booked her into jail for assault. She was released two days later, and it appears prosecutors filed charges against her on Wednesday.

We’ll get ahold of the case and report back.