Report of Shots Fired In Greenlake, Victim Gives Police Fishy Story

Around 11:45pm on October 11th, Seattle police received reports of gunfire near Greenlake.

Police were called to a home on 76th and Meridian after a man had knocked on the door of the house and said he was being chased by four other men with guns, who may have tried to carjack him.

The man was short of breath and vomiting, according to the report.

The man told police that earlier in the evening, he been on a date with a woman, and they had stopped to get ice cream near Greenlake.

The ice cream shop was closed, so they drove around for awhile and parked in the 7700 block of Meridian Ave N.

The man said he and the woman sat in the car talking for 20 minutes when two armed suspects—described as a white male, about 6’2, 20-22 years old, 6-02 and a black male wearing a “billed beanie cap.”—began banging on the car windows, and demanded he and the woman get out of the car.

According to the report, the man told police he and the woman took off running—the man slipped out of his jacket to get free, dropping his cell phone in the process. He then ran to a nearby home.

He told police the suspects may have fled in an older compact silver Mercedes Benz sedan.

A witness at the scene told officers they had seen an Asian man chasing the victim, but hadn’t seen the woman the victim had allegedly been on a date with.

Police checked out the victim’s vehicle—a green Lincoln—and officers spotted about 11 grams of marijuana “strewn about” the inside of the car.

The victim told police the weed belonged to the woman, and told officers he did not know her address or phone number.

The report doesn’t indicate whether officers recovered any shell casings at the scene. No suspects were arrested.

Something’s weird about this (obviously!) and I’d doubt this is a straight carjacking. We’ll try to find out more about the incident later today.