City Prosecutors Charge Seven More In Operation Yellow Jacket


The City Attorney’s office has filed charges against six cab drivers and a parking lot attendant caught trying to buy and sell stolen goods in an SPD sting at a busy downtown Seattle parking lot earlier this year.

City prosecutors have charged Wondafrash H Yirefu, Gurbinder Singh, Tamrat Amare Amha, Plamen Trifonov Petkov, Michael S Workenh, Ephrem T Assefa, and Takele Turuneh with attempted possession of stolen property, after they all allegedly attempted to buy supposedly stolen perfume, shoes, and other items to undercover detectives from SPD’s Major Crimes Task Force during Operation Yellow Jacket.

Police initially arrested 15 cab drivers and parking lot attendants in Operation Yellow Jacket, SPD’s investigation into an open-air market for stolen goods at a cab stand at 6th and Stewart.

King County prosecutors immediately filed felony charges against one man, but the other fourteen cases sat idle for months.

The City Attorney’s office hasn’t said why it took so long to file these seven additional cases, or what might happen to the other seven men arrested in the operation.

We’ll see if we can find out more about why seven suspects arrested in the operation have yet to be charged.