Man Tries to Steal Sandwich In Front of SPD Lieutenant, Gets Arrested

Seattle police arrested a man for robbery and assaulting an officer last week after the man allegedly attacked an off-duty SPD lieutenant who caught him trying to shoplift a drink and a sandwich from a Capitol Hill grocery store.

According to police records, SPD Lieutenant Gregg Caylor saw the man put a sandwich inside his backpack, grab a drink, and walk out of the Harvard Market QFC without paying at about 7:45am on October 22nd.

Caylor asked the man if he was going to pay for the sandwich and drink, the man responded with a good ol’ “fuck you” and walked out of the store, police records say.

Caylor then “touched” the man’s arm and told him he needed to go back and pay for the items.

The suspect punched Caylor in the head and told him “I’m going to fuck you up.”

Caylor grabbed the suspect, identified himself as a cop, and told the man he was under arrest.

The suspect kept hitting Caylor and tried to flee, but Caylor was able to get the man on the ground

Police say the suspect continued to hit Caylor in the ribs, and demanded to be let go. At one point, the suspect apparently told Caylor “Let me go officer, I won’t run away”.

SPD put out a “help the officer” call during the scuffle, which brought a number of units to the scene to assist Lt. Caylor.

Police arrested the suspect for robbery and assaulting an officer.

All that over a $7.75 drink and sandwich.