Screwdriver-Wielding Suspect Chases Woman and Her Baby In South Seattle

Seattle police arrested a woman in the Brighton neighborhood last Thursday after she allegedly chased and tried to stab another woman who was out walking her dog and pushing her baby in a stroller.

Just after 8:00pm on October 21st, the victim was walking near Rainier Ave S and S Fontanelle St when a woman approached her and tried to stab her with a screwdriver.

The victim “avoided being stabbed when her dog jumped up on the suspect with his front paws,” the report says, and the victim took off running down the street.

The suspect “chased [the victim] and her baby down the block” until a man got in between the suspect and the victim and began swinging his coat at the suspect to try to keep her at bay.

An officer on patrol happened to drive by the scene and intervened. Police arrested the screwdriver-welding woman and booked her into the King County Jail for harassment.

The police report for the incident doesn’t indicate what led to the attack. We’ll try to find out if the suspect and the victim knew each other, or if this was totally random, which makes it twice as scary.