So You Decided Not to Vote For Prop 1

King County Proposition 1—which would’ve paid for cops, prosecutors, and victim advocate programs—is toast. I hope you’re happy.


A day after King County voters rejected a sales-tax increase that would have added millions to the county budget, nonprofit agencies that serve domestic-violence and sexual-assault victims were making an attempt to restore their funding.

More than a dozen such organizations, which depend on government funding as well as private donations and grants, are slated to lose $900,000 in county funding in 2011, under the budget proposed by County Executive Dow Constantine.

The Metropolitan King County Council is expected to pass a final budget Nov. 22, but council members say the outlook is grim without the additional revenue that Proposition 1 would have provided.

“There’s nothing to save them,” said Councilmember Julia Patterson, chairwoman of the Budget and Fiscal Management Committee. “That’s why we wanted to go to the ballot, because we knew that the budget would cut so deeply into those services that keep the public safe and healthy, and they gave us their answer. They have made it very clear to us that they want us to do the best we can to prioritize with what we’ve got.”

Seriously though, did any of you reader-folk decide to vote down Prop 1? Any chance you’d like to explain? (No, i’m not trying to bait or troll you or whatever. I’m really curious. Was this an anti-tax thing? Do you hate crimefighting? Tell me!)