The Morning Blotter: 9 Or 10-Year-Old Boy Involved In Bus Robbery

Seattle police are looking for three boys who robbed a woman on a Metro bus in the Central District last week.

Around 11:00pm on October 28th, a woman was riding home on the #8 Metro bus with her sister, when the bus stopped near 23rd Ave and Yesler.

Three boys—two who were 15-17, and one who was 9 or 10 years old—walked past the victim and grabbed her purse, which was sitting on the seat next to her.

The victim “pleaded” with the suspects to “give it back,” but the three boys ran off the bus.

The victim and he sister followed the boys off the bus and continued to ask them to return the purse. When an older man also got off the bus at the stop, the boys took off running, taking the woman’s purse—which contained her ID and social security cards, and six dollars.

Police came and took a report, and drove the women home. Officers weren’t able to find the three boys in the area.

This isn’t the first time an elementary school-age kid has been involved in a robbery on a Metro bus. Hmmm….