More On Those Roosevelt/Ravenna Break-Ins We Mentioned Last Week

SPD sent out a note to a few neighbors in North Seattle last week with details on some of the recent break-ins in the Ravenna/Roosevelt/Maple Leaf neighborhoods, which police have attributed to a group of young burglars.

Police still don’t have any suspects, but have rolled out emphasis patrols to try to catch the kids, who, we’re told, are likely responsible for at least twenty burglaries in October—if not more.

Here are details on the break-ins:

10/11 7000blk 24th NE   the victim was gone all day, when she returned she found her front door open, she was not sure if any property was stolen,  the entry point was a kitchen window that had been left unlocked

10/14  6800blk 17th NE  the victim came home to find her kitchen window broken out and two laptop, video players and games had been stolen,  the house has an alarm but it was not set

10/18  7000blk 19th NE  when the victim came home he discovered that someone had broken his back door window and reached in and unlocked the door, the master bedroom was rifled through and camera and papers were stolen

10/19  6800blk 30th NE   a neighbor called 911 to say she saw 3 juvenile males leaving this house carrying a air-soft pistol and rifle, the neighbor said they looked like some kids who are friends with the homeowners son, the house had been left open due to the smell of a burnt cooking pan

10/22  3000blk NE 70th  the victim received a call from a neighbor who said her alarm was going off,  she arrived home about an hour and a half later to find that entry had been made through an unlocked basement window and several items had been stolen

10/22 7300blk 16th NE  the victim came home to find that the glass window in her basement door had been broken with a brick and a laptop and cameras were stolen

10/26  7500blk 15th NE  the 15 year old son of the homeowner was upstairs working on his computer when he heard the sound of breaking glass, he ran downstairs to his room, he heard footsteps near his door so he held the door shut, he tried to call 911 but his cell phone battery was dead, he climbed out a window and when to a neighbor’s to call police

10/26  6800blk 15th NE  the victim came home to find a shattered window and her laptop stolen

10/26  1700blk NE 70th  the victims were gone all day, when they came home they found a kitchen window broken out,  jewelry and video games had been stolen

10/26  6800blk 15th NE  when the victim arrived home he found a kitchen window smashed and a number of guns, cash, jewelry, camera and Ipod were stolen

10/27  1600blk NE 73rd  the victim was gone all day, when he returned he found that someone had broken out the glass in his back door, reached in and unlocked it, the suspect rifled the house and took a laptop and some cash

10/29  7000blk 18th NE  the victims were gone all day, when they returned they found that someone had thrown a cement brick through their basement door window and stole some cash

11/01  7300blk 20th NE  the victim says that the suspect(s) there a brick through the glass in his back door and rifled his wife’s jewelry box and smashed a child’s piggy bank and stole the contents (about $30)

11/03  6800blk Ravenna Ave NE  the victim was away all day, when he returned he found that the air conditioner was removed from a back window allowing the suspect(s) to enter, an X-Box, games, a laptop and jewelry were stolen

11/04  8000blk 19th NE  the victim was gone for a few hours during the day, when she returned she found her kitchen door kicked in, the only item taken was a digital camera

11/04  1700blk NE 75th  the victim came home to find that the suspect(s) had used a brick to break out her kitchen door window and then reached inside to unlock the door, a jewelry box with some jewelry in it was stolen

In addition to the info about the burglaries, SPD also released details on a half-dozen car prowls in the Roosevelt/Maple Leaf area last month, which do not appear to be connected to the burglaries.

10/02  7300blk Ravenna Ave NE   window smashed, wallet stolen

10/21  6100blk Roosevelt Wy NE  window smashed, book bag with textbooks stolen

10/22  7100blk Roosevelt Wy NE  window smashed, purse including house keys stolen

10/24  7000blk 19th NE  no forced entry, CD’s sunglasses, phone chargers stolen

11/04  NE 70th / 15th NE  window smashed, GPS and cash stolen