The Morning Blotter: Gang Members May Have Tried to Rob Student

A student walking home from school in South Seattle last week was beaten in what appears to be a botched robbery, and a police report indicates officers suspect a gang connection in the case.

According to a police report, the student was attacked in an area “known for gang activity” around 3:15pm on November 4th near 27th Ave S and S Winthrop, just a few blocks west of Franklin High School.

The boy told police someone grabbed his leg and tripped him, and two men—who may have been wearing gloves—attacked him.

One of the suspects tried to grab the boy’s headphones, but the boy fought back, and the robbers fled.

The boy sustained bruises on his head and cut lip, and told police he may have hit his head on the ground and blacked out during the attack.

According to the report, although police weren’t ale to positively identify any suspect, “several [gang] members were seen in the area (approximately 1 block) earlier before the incident.”