Burglars Targeting North Seattle Elementary Schools

Seattle police are looking for several burglars who have targeted three North Seattle elementary schools in break-ins over the last month.

The first reported incident was on October 4th when burglars broke out the windows of three different classrooms at View Ridge Elementary and stole teachers’ PC computers.

Police believe at least two suspects entered the school through classroom windows without setting off any alarms.

The burglars stole PCs from three teachers’ desks, but left other more valuable computers in the classroom. “Each room contained one if not two expensive iMac computers that were untouched by the suspect[s],” the report notes.

When police arrived at View Ridge Elementary on October 4th to take a report, staff told them that two weeks earlier, someone had tried to pull the same type of break-in at the school.

In that incident, burglars tried to steal a computer, but were foiled by security cables attached to the computers.

When the burglars returned to the school, they “were better prepared the second time around,” according to  the police report, and were able to cut the security cables.

Both burglaries at View Ridge are likely connected, according to the report, and police records indicate the same suspects may also be responsible for another break-in at a second North Seattle elementary school.

Two weeks after View Ridge was burglarized, thieves smashed out a classroom window at Thornton Creek School and, again, stole a Dell computer. Police believe at least two suspects were involved in the burglary.

Finally, burglars broke into Bryant Elementary in the late-evening of October 20th or early morning of the 21st, somehow entered the school’s main office without setting off any alarms, and rummaged through several desks.

The burglars found the keys to the school’s safe and medicine cabinet, and made off with cash and checks donated for a fundraiser.

The parent of a Bryant student has told us the thieves got away with $8200 in checks, $260 in cash, and $740 in Amazon gift cards in the break-in.

A school official, however, says the thieves only got $4900 in checks , and were able to cash $400 worth of checks before parents canceled the rest of them.

Police tell us the Bryant burglary is probably not related to the break-ins at View Ridge and Thornton Creek Elementary. Which means there are two different burglars or crews breaking in to schools.


From reading the reports and talking to sources, it doesn’t sound like police have many good leads in the cases. But we’ll be following these investigations and keep you posted on any further developments.