A Bit More On Those Maple Leaf Burglaries

We’ve gotten a few more details on this week’s big Maple Leaf burglary bust.

Pic courtesy of A Maple Leaf Neighbor


A neighbor called police Wednesday afternoon and reported a burglary-in-progress at 89th and 12th NE.

The neighbor saw several teens go inside a house via a basement window, while several of the boys waited in a nearby Toyota Camry as lookouts, according to a police report.

Police showed up and arrested the four teens in the car, and spotted another boy who ran back inside the house.

Police entered the home and found the two remaining suspects. One suspect sustained cuts to his face—police initially said he’d cut his arm—while climbing in a window. An officer took the boy to Northwest Hospital and later booked him into the Youth Service Center.

Officers impounded the suspects’ car, and booked all of the teens into the Youth Service Center and King County Jail.

Police tell us that four of the six burglaries busted in Maple Leaf on Wednesday are juveniles, while two are technically adults, clocking in at the ripe old age of 18 years old.

Several of the six suspects may have been involved in a string of other burglaries in North Seattle over the last month, according to police.

A few of the boys were involved in the previous break-ins, but this time they may have brought along frie

Our police source also tells us several—if not all—of the boys attend Ingraham High School. Incidentally, a few comments left on Seattlecrime.com supporting these alleged burglars were posted from a Seattle Public Schools internet connection.

The two adult suspects don’t appear to have any criminal history.

We’re working on getting the names of the juveniles to see if they’ve got records.