Big Layoffs Coming to King County Sheriff’s, Prosecutor’s Offices

Seattle Times:

Metropolitan King County Council budget negotiators have completed a 2011 spending plan that would reduce the number of layoffs in most departments — but not in the Sheriff’s Office, where deputies have refused to give up a scheduled raise next year.

Sheriff Sue Rahr, facing layoffs of 28 deputies and elimination of more than 40 vacant positions, has said she would disband all property-crime-investigation teams, close storefront offices and reduce other services. The latest budget directs her to keep two property-crimes detectives.

Rahr told the council earlier this week the budget would reduce the number of deputies to 0.65 per 1,000 people served, compared to an average of 1.5 officers per 1,000 for city police departments in King County.

The King County Prosecutor’s office will also have to lay off 16 deputies and 10 support staffers.

If you’d been considering becoming a career criminal, now might not be a bad time to give it a shot.