Thursday’s Greatest Hits

We had a couple of neat scoops yesterday you might’ve missed if you weren’t at work/on the interwebs. Just in case you’re too exhausted from your day off to scroll down the main page, we’ve collected the links for you here:

First, a local wannabe strip club magnate is taking a shot at turning the Giggles comedy club in the University District into the Jiggles Gentleman’s Club.

Burglars hit three north end elementary schools in the last month—and police believe at least two of the break-ins are connected.

The city council’s working to restore the two victim advocate positions which were scheduled to be cut next year.

And finally, SPD says they’ve captured a prolific burglar and car prowler, and have pictures of a ton of stolen items which they’ve recovered. Some of ’em might belong to you, so take a look.