Jerkwads Trash Dave Niehaus Memorial


A memorial for Hall of Fame baseball announcer Dave Niehaus was looted and trashed after thieves stole what are being described as “cherished items” from the site.

Mariners fan Joe Backus said he spent hours at the memorial outside Safeco Field Saturday, arranging items and watching as fans dropped off mementos for the late announcer.

Backus said when he returned Sunday afternoon, somebody had ransacked the memorial, stealing items and leaving the place a mess.

“This should be respected as sacred ground and people who put things down here did it for a reason. Everybody loved Dave,” said Backus.

The thieves took baseball cards, bobble heads, a teddy bear and $10 taped to a note. Signs were thrown around and the memorial was wet.

The vandalism comes one day after a moving open house memorial at Safeco Field as a way for fans to honor the Mariners broadcaster.