Police Investigating Possible Connection Between University District Robberies

Seattle police officers working in the University District have been advised to keep an eye out for a group of suspects who may be connected to at least four robberies near the University of Washington campus over the last month, sources tell Seattlecrime.

It appears the suspects committed their first robbery on October 28th, when they grabbed a woman’s purse and threw her into some bushes near NE 45th and 20th NE.

We’re working to get specific details about each of the robberies, but we’re told they all occurred near 45th and 20th or 16th and 52nd NE, between 9:30 and 11:30 am or around 11:30 pm. The suspects took cell phones and handbags in each of the robberies.

None of the suspects have displayed or threatened their victims with weapons, and have exclusively targeted women. The group of suspects apparently even robbed one woman in two separate incidents.

So far, police appear to only have a vague description of the suspects: an unknown race male and three females. Not all of the suspects have been in on each of the robberies, but police believe all the members of the group may be connected.

We’ll update if we get additional details.

Also, pro tip: don’t take out your cellphone and pretend you’re on it if you think someone’s following you. Just get the hell away from them. Run like you’re trying to catch a bus or something. Or just turn around and start talking to them about your Personal Savior, Lyndon Larouche. If that doesn’t drive ’em off, nothing will.