The Morning Blotter: Another Cyclist Attacked In the University District

Officers searched the University District last week for a suspect who allegedly attacked a cyclist with an umbrella and then fled, according to a police report.

On November 9th, the victim in the incident told police he was riding his bike on 22nd and NE 45th around 8:15pm when another man approached him, shoved him off his bicycle, and then hit him with an umbrella

The suspect then fled east on 45th. The victim was not seriously injured.

When police arrived at the scene, the victim told them “the suspect seemed to be mentally ill” and had “jumped into moving traffic on purpose” as he fled.

One of the responding officers told the victim they wanted to see about having the suspect involuntarily committed for psychiatric care if they were able to locate him.

But they weren’t.

We’ve gotten a few emails from cyclists who have been the victims of a few crazy assaults around town over the last few months. If you’ve got a story, feel free to share it in the comments.

A few of these cases may involve the same suspects, so the more information that’s out there, the better.