Man Killed In Axe Attack On Capitol Hill (UPDATED)

One man was killed on Capitol Hill this morning after another man struck him in the head with a pickaxe.

The call came in at about 10:30am at 14th and Union.

Update 6:00pm: Police tell us it’s likely the victim did not know the suspect.

Our original updates on the incident are after the jump:

Photo by Tom Fucoloro

Seattle police are searching Capitol Hill for a man who may have just attacked someone with a pick-axe on Capitol Hill.

SPD’s calling in units from other precincts to help look for the suspect.

He was described as wearing blue jeans and a blue jacket, or all black, so this is obviously still developing. More as we get it.

Update 10:45: Police have a suspect in custody. Still no word on the victim. Police are calling for a lieutenant and the homicide unit.

Update 10:52: Sounds like students at a nearby school witnessed the attack. Ugh.

Update 10:58: Witnesses have confirmed the identity of the suspect. We’re hearing the victim may have died. More in a second.

Update 11:09: SFD confirms the victim died at the scene.

Update 12:15: Here’s the latest from SPD:

On November 22nd at 10:37 a.m., East Precinct officers responded to a report of an assault in progress in the area of 15th Avenue and East Union Street.  A man had attacked another man with an object that witnesses described as a pick axe.  The suspect then fled on foot. 

Responding officers found the victim dead and began a search of the area.  Within minutes, officers located and arrested the suspect.  What officers believe to be the murder weapon was also recovered. 

The suspect has been transported to Seattle Police Headquarters for questioning.  Crime Scene Investigation (CSI) detectives have responded to process the crime scene and search for evidence.  Homicide detectives will be interviewing witnesses and the suspect. 

More will be posted on this incident as soon as it becomes available.

Update 3:55pm: Court records appear to indicate that the 26-year-old man booked for this morning’s homicide has previously been arrested in connection with assault and domestic violence cases.

Update 4:48-Police tell us the victim is a 58-year-old man, and was killed with a “hatchet-type implement,” according to SPD spokesman Mark Jamieson.

Jamieson did not know the relationship between the suspect and the victim.

Update 6:50: It appears a woman who filed a protection order against the suspect lives several blocks from the scene of today’s murder.

When we attempted to reach her at home this evening, a woman who answered the phone said her friend had no comment.