Real Change Vendor, Church Lady In WWF-Style Brawl In Madison Park

A dispute between a Real Change vendor and a church representative over sidewalk space turned into an all-out WWF-style brawl in Madison Park last week. (ed. note: suck it, World Wildlife Fund)

A Real Change vendor told police she was working at 41st and E Madison on the afternoon of November 18th, when another woman from “some church” showed up at the same spot and set up a table on the sidewalk.

The vendor told police the church’s motto is “Don’t Give Up.”

The two women got into an argument “over who could stand where on the sidewalk” and the church lady Hulked out got angry.

The vendor told police the church lady picked up a folding chair, and repeatedly used it to hit the victim, until she fell to the ground.

The suspect then dropped the chair and began kicking and punching the victim.

A man showed up and pulled the suspect into a nearby vehicle, loaded up the table and chair, and drove off.

The victim sustained head and shoulder injuries, but declined medical attention.

She told police she would likely be able to identify the suspects if she saw them again.