Dozens of Guns Stolen From Fremont Home

If you’ve been looking to buy that special someone a stolen gun for the holidays, now’s probably the time.

According to a police report, burglars may have made off with as many as 50 guns, taken in a break-in in the Fremont neighborhood last week.

A man called police on November 18th and reported that 50 guns had been stolen by tenants living on his mother’s property in the 1700 block N Allen Pl.

The victim told police he had stored his guns in a garage on the property, and had been moving them out over the last year.

On the 18th, he noticed someone had drilled out the lock on his gun safe and taken 25 to 50 guns.

Police interviewed the tenants, who told police they had nothing to do with the theft, and claimed the garage had been broken into a a few weeks earlier.

According to the report, the garage was actually burglarized several times over the last year, so who knows where those guns are now.

Police dusted the gun safe for prints, but the report appears to indicate they didn’t find anything.