Suspects Force Man To Hand Over Cash, Buy Hundreds of Dollars Worth of Gas

Seattle police are investigating a man’s bizarre claim that several suspects have forced him to hand over cash and buy them hundreds of dollars worth of gas over the last few weeks.

According to a police report, the victim was driving near 42nd Ave S and S Thistle on November 5th “when he was surrounded by three other vehicles.”

A man in one of the other vehicles—a white Lincoln Navigator—accused the victim of hitting his car, and demanded money.

When the victim denied hitting the suspect’s car, the suspect pulled out a small black handgun and pistol-whipped the victim, striking him in the right temple and mouth.

Over the next week, two suspects—who, the report says, are middle-eastern and may be brothers—forced the victim to make three cash withdrawals, totaling $200, and hand the money over to the suspects.

The suspects also apparently called the victim to meet them on several different occasions at 42nd and Thistle. “[F]rom there they force him to accompany them to a gas station where he then uses victim company credit card to fill the[ir] vehicle.”

The report indicates the suspects also took the suspect to Martin Luther King Jr Way S and S Kenyon St several times to pick up another vehicle and buy gas.

The victim told police that the suspects initially told him that if he purchased gas for them a few times, they would leave him alone. However, the man told police he spent about $790 on gas for the suspects in a two week period, and provided officers with bank and phone records to back up his strange story.

Police went to the 7900 block of Martin Luther King Jr Way S and found a Lincoln Navigator which may belong to the suspects.

The report doesn’t say whether officers contacted the suspects.