TNT: Police Haven’t Changed Tactics In Wake of Cop Killings, Haven’t Gotten More Violent

From the Tacoma News Tribune:

The deaths of the four Lakewood police officers, a Pierce County sheriff’s deputy and a Seattle police officer shocked their colleagues and the communities they protected, and reminded everyone of the daily dangers of police work.

But they did not alter the way law enforcement goes about its business.

The News Tribune has found that local police agencies, after examining the killings, did little to change their policies or procedures, nor did they respond with a backlash of violence of their own.

It’s tough to draw conclusions on whether officers fired their guns more quickly in the last year because, traditionally, the number of shootings is relatively small and their circumstances vary.

Officers more often use other types of force, including wrist holds, pepper spray, stun guns and police dogs.

The News Tribune sent questionnaires to four Pierce County law enforcement agencies, three King County agencies and the State Patrol to see whether officers are using more force on the people they arrest.

The newspaper requested five years’ worth of statistics to evaluate.

The findings were mixed, but, generally, the newspaper found that applications of force remained flat.