There Are Some Things You Just Shouldn’t Tag

If you’ve ever read this site before, you know we love graffiti.

But even we have our limits.

Police were called to a bar on 13th and Madison around 1:30am on November 25th after security detained an unruly patron who had tagged another man’s face with a can of spraypaint, following a dance floor dispute, a police report says.

At the bar, staff members apparently told police that the victim and suspect kept bumping into each other on the dance floor, which led to a verbal confrontation between the two men.

The report appears to indicate that security staff escorted the victim out of the bar—the victim seemed intoxicated and “seemed to be more of the problem,” the report says—but as bouncers walked the man out the door, the suspect came up behind the victim and shoved him to the ground.

The suspect then pulled a can of white spraypaint from his pocket, and blasted the victim in the face.

The suspect then tried to flee, but club security caught up to him and held him until police arrived.

When police interviewed the suspect, he admitted to spraying the other man in the face, and also told police he had just tagged the letters “LR” all over the walls and stall doors in the club’s bathroom, the report says.

Medics treated the victim at the scene and police booked the suspect into the King County Jail.