Today In Fucked Up Federal Court Cases Against Former High School Basketball Coaches

The just made my brain explode:

On the eve of sentencing on id theft charges, federal prosecutors claim a disgraced Seattle-area coach was caught with child pornography but dodged charges because of police error.

Elite girls basketball coach Tony Giles — convicted in 2005 of having sex with his teenage players — is headed back to prison.

On Friday, a U.S. District Court judge in Seattle will sentence Giles to two to three years in prison for using the identity of a dead child to hide his criminal history from employers. It’s a return trip for Giles, who spent more than a year behind bars after it came to light that he’d sexually abused several teens.

Giles, a 53-year-old Renton resident, garnered some measure of fame as a private basketball coach of teen girls hoping to land athletic scholarships, and a larger measure of infamy after it came to light that he was having sex with his players. His fall was also featured briefly in the 2005 documentary “Heart of the Game” chronicling six seasons of Roosevelt High School girls’ basketball.

On Jan. 10, Giles was arrested after he was seen struggling over a gun with another man inside a car parked outside a Renton hardware store. Investigators would later find an ID bearing Giles’ photo and the name of a long-dead child, which prompted the federal prosecution. Renton police searched Giles home five days after his arrest, discovering a marijuana grow as well as love letters, photos of teenage girls and a video of Giles having sex with a young-looking female, [federal prosecutor Vince] Lombardi told the court.

“Officers were able to identify the girl as one of Giles’ former basketball players and victims,” Lombardi said.

“Officers went out and re-interviewed this victim,” the prosecutor continued. “She recalled Giles making part of the sexually explicit video in question when he took her (out of state) when she was 15-years old.”

I need to go watch some videos of kittens playing with yarn now.