Do Not Do This. Ever.

Every month I see at least a half-dozen theft/robbery reports that all stem from people handing over their cellphones to complete strangers. Do not do this:


On the above date and time, while working a routine foot patrol, I was flagged down by the victim of a strong-arm robbery at 4th and Pine ST.

The victim stated that he had been sitting in the plaza area when an unknown suspect approached him and asked to borrow his cell phone.

The suspect stated that he wanted to call his girlfriend at so the victim gave him his phone.

The suspect then walked away for a minute and then returned.

The victim asked to have his phone back but the suspect refused saying that the phone was his and that it in fact had been stolen from him earlier.

The victim felt that if he were to try and regain possession of his phone, the suspect would assault him and that physical force was implied by the suspect.

Yes, you might feel like a complete dick for refusing to help someone out, but feeling like a dick is still (probably) better than being out a $600 cell phone.