Textbooks, Drugs, and A Bottle of Pee

Pro tip: if you’re going to try to steal from a store, don’t leave behind a bag full of your classwork, drugs, and your own urine!

Around 4pm on December 2nd, store security at a University District book store (like the UW book store) spotted a repeat shoplifter pawing at the textbooks in the store’s basement.

According to a police report, security staff believe the man has stolen textbooks and returned them to the store for cash five or six times over the last year, but has never been caught in the act.

A security officer saw the suspect take two accounting textbooks and put them in a shoulder bag, and walk out of the store.

The security guard confronted the suspect outside of the store and struggled with the suspect over his bag.

The suspect eventually broke free and fled, but dropped his bag in the struggle.

Inside the bag, security staff found the two textbooks (worth $246, which is its own kind of crime), as well as handwritten class notes—with the suspect’s name on them—a “small bundle of drug paraphernalia” and “what appeared to be a small bottle of urine.”

“All [of the items were] submitted to evidence except the bottle of liquid which was disposed of,” the report says.

When you leave behind that kind of evidence, you’re making it too easy.