The (Temporary) Seattle Crime Wiki

I’m taking a little time off over the next few days for a little cross-country crime spree, and won’t have regular internet access (ugh).

But crime doesn’t stop just because I’m out of town, so we’re going to set up an open thread every day for folks to talk about crime in their neighborhoods, the latest SPD shooting, or whatever.

Keep it clean and on-topic, pretty please.

If something truly huge breaks, we’ll be on it. But if you all could manage to keep it cool while I’m gone, that’d be nice. If you do have big breaking news, don’t hesitate to email, call or text 206 659 7249.

You can also write your very own post for Seattlecrime, and if it’s up to snuff a moderator will post it. We had our first ever reader post earlier this week, and we’d love to see more.

(Also, if you know any good barbecue places in Memphis or anywhere else along I-40, email me)

See you next week.