SPD’s Season of Giving

SPD gets a bum rap. For every officer involved shooting, there’s probably a dozen of these special moments on the streets of Seattle. Take it away, Officer Bauer:

On 12/7/10 I was working 3O32, a one-officer uniform marked unit.  At 2206

I was dispatched to 61   Corson Av S along with 3O31 Officer Huteson to a

report of an assault.


 Upon arrival I contacted   who identified himself as the night

manager of the    He stated that  was the night cook for

the Inn and had been for about ten years.  Tonight he was forced to fire

 for poor job performance.  He said that  takes the bus to work

and the last bus had already left.  He officers to take   home but he

refused.   asked instead to sleep in the lobby until the morning

busses run.  told him that he could not. He stated that  

became very upset and irate.  He said that  struck him on the hand

with his walking cane.  He pointed out   who was seated in the lobby.

  also stated that he did not want to prosecute   he only wanted

him removed.   showed me his left hand.  It was red and he said it

pained him.  He declined medical attention.


    was seated behind the counter at the motel.  She had witnessed teh

incident and supported  version of the incident.

I contacted    He was remorseful and stated he had allowed himself to

get out of control.


  I screened the incident with Sgt Rusness.  I then transported   to

his residence and advised him not to return to the motel.  He stated he


Thanks for the ride, SPD, from a guy down on his luck. And happy holidays.