The Morning Blotter: Don’t Let Strangers Borrow Your Phone (Seriously!)

When you’re out and about this weekend, please heed our warnings about letting strangers use your phone, lest this happen to you:

On 12-13-10 while on routine patrol I was dispatched to a Robbery in (37 Ave/S Myrtle St) with my partner…at 1634 HRS.

There was a vague description of the suspects so we contacted the victim first who told us the following: She was walking home to her grandmothers house at 71xx Holly Park Dr S from the Light Rail stop at MLK/Othello.

When she got to 37 Ave S/S Myrtle St, she was approached by three teen medium skin toned black males who were walking in the opposite direction.

One of the males asked if he could borrow her phone. The victim gave him her phone because she felt intimidated. She then promptly asked for her phone back.

One of the suspects asked her if she had any money. She told them no. The suspect then tossed the phone to one of the other males and all three began running away. 

The victim chased one of the suspects, who didn’t have her phone anymore and grabbed his jacket. He pushed her to the ground and ran away.

The only description the victim could give was that two of the males were wearing black jackets and the other one was wearing a white one. She did state if she saw them again she would be able to identify them.