The Morning Blotter: Late-Night Noise Dispute Leads to Hatchet Assault Near Seattle U

Seattle police arrested a man at his Central District apartment last week after he allegedly struck another man with a hatchet during a dispute over late-night noise.

At about 12:45am on December 17th, a group of friends were walking home from a bar near 13th and E Columbia when they heard a man yell “shut the fuck up” from a nearby apartment

One of the group members later told police the man “was upset because they had been too loud.”

The suspect then came out of the apartment holding a hatchet, and a “buck knife,” according to one of the group members, who also told police the suspect tried to sic his dog on them.

One of the group members ran at the suspect, who hit the man in the head three or four times with the blunt side of his hatchet.

The suspect then took off running, and one of the group members gave chase.

The group member eventually caught up to the suspect, who told them “What I did was wrong. I’m sorry,” the report says.

Police showed up to the scene and contacted the suspect, who gave police a very different version of events.

The man told police he heard “people outside of his apartment building arguing possibly even fighting” and heard someone say “I’m going to kill you.”

The man armed himself with a hatchet to go break up the fight.

When he went outside, the suspect saw the victim run towards him, and struck him in the head with the hatchet, apparently to defend himself.

Police reviewed footage from security cameras at nearby Seattle University, which showed there was a large brawl in the street at 13th and Columbia just before the suspect confronted the victim.

The video also shows that the victim did run at suspect, the report says.

The report say the victim and his friends were uncooperative when officers questioned them about the incident.

The suspect, however, turned over the knife and axe to police, who booked him into the King County Jail.

Authorities released the the suspect the day after the incident—apparently without a bail hearing—and prosecutors have not yet filed charges.