Man Jumped Twice In One Night, But Still Won’t Give Police Information On Suspects

While we think the whole “no snitching” thing has been blown waaaaaay out of proportion by the gawd dem me-dee-yuh (seriously, guys, it’s more complicated than that) there are still some cases that just baffle us.

Take, for instance, one man’s ordeal on December 23rd:

According to police records, officers were dispatched to 32nd Ave S and Beacon Ave S around 3:45 AM to investigate an assault.

Officers contacted a man, who told police he’d been “jumped” about 45 minutes earlier by four men.

The victim told police the same four men had attacked him earlier in the evening, but he had fought them off.

The man apparently sustained a broken jaw during the original brawl, and told police he had re-injured his jaw during the second fight.

The man also told police he’d been in a fight with the suspects on December 4th, but “was unwilling to provide more information and just wanted to go to the hospital.”