The Morning Blotter: A Weird Christmas Robbery

Christmas time is the best time for a weird robbery!

Just before 7pm on Christmas, an Asian male in his teens walked into the store at 1st Ave NW and NW 85th carrying a steak knife, and demanded money from a clerk.

When the clerk refused, the teen said “I am serious, I am attempting to rob you. Call the Police,” the report says.

The clerk responded “I can call the police for you, you don’t have to do this though.”

Then, the report says, “an elderly Asian female came in and said she was the teen’s mother.”

The woman and the teen got into an argument in the store, and the woman told the clerk her son had mental problems. 

The woman took the teen out of the store, and they walked off along 85th.

The clerk called police, but officers were unable to locate the suspect, or his mom.