The Morning Blotter: Police Arrest Rambo At Greenlake

Seattle police found a half-dozen knives on a man they picked up near Green Lake on Christmas for allegedly harassing and threatening several people in the park.

“They drew first blood, not me!”


According to a police report, a man was walking around Green Lake near 72nd and E Green Lake Dr around 2:30pm when another man walked up to him on the path and told him to “get the fuck out of [the] way.”

The two men argued over who needed to move—and possibly over who drew first blood—and the suspect pulled a stick out of his bag, and threatened the victim.

The victim moved out of the man’s way and the suspect walked off towards the Green Lake community center.

When police arrived and began to search for the suspect, several other people in the park flagged officers down and reported that a man in the park was yelling at people “and acting in a very intimidating manner.”

Police eventually found the suspect at N 76 ST and W Green Lake Dr N.

Officers searched the man and found 5 fixed-blade knives, two folding knives, a razor in his wallet, and a wooden stick in the man’s bag.

The man told police he’d recently consumed seven ounces of vodka.

Officers booked the rugged survivalist into the King County Jail for harassment and unlawful use of weapons.