Teens Say They Were Tasered Over “Snitching”

Two teenage girls told police they were Tasered at a North Seattle apartment last week over “snitching.”

Police were called to an apartment building at Linden Ave and N 100th on December 27th after receiving a report that two teenage girls were “being chased and tazed.”

At the scene, one of the girls told officers she was at her friend’s apartment when a male acquaintance walked up to her and Tased her.

The boy told the victim he’d been sent to juvenile detention after her boyfriend had snitched on him.

The boy then chased her around the apartment and “tazed her in the neck area and on her right thigh,” a police report says.

The report doesn’t provide further details about what the suspect might have done to end up in juvie.

After the suspect Tasered the victim, she ran outside and called 911.

When police arrived, she told officers she had left her iPod at apartment wanted to get it back, but left the scene before officers could help her retrieve it.

Another girl who was with the victim also told police she was tasered, but said did not want to file a complaint. (Probably because she didn’t want to get Tasered again!)

It appears police didn’t locate the suspect with the Taser.

And this is why people don’t always want to “snitch.”