Burglars Steal Cash From School Over Xmas Break

Burglars stole $2,000 worth of tuition at a North Seattle school over Christmas break, according to a police report.

123XX Roosevelt Way NE.

The school was on Christmas break from until and was unoccupied during that time. Today when the complainant came to work, she entered the building and went to her office.

When she went to her office she noticed the door was open.

the complainant looked in the office and noticed the cash box that is usually on her desk was gone. Inside the cash box was $2000 in tuition money.

The complainant tried to use her key in her office door and found it to be jammed with something. She checked all the outside doors and did not notice any damage to any of those doors.

It is unclear how the suspect made entry into the school and it appears the suspect jammed something in the office door to force it open.

Nothing else was taken or disturbed.

From the address in the report, it looks like this might have been the Washington International School. We’re checking with police to confirm.