Man Turns Alleged Laptop Thief’s Own Pepper Spray Back on Her

The deal, apparently, did not include the laptop. A man told police he sprayed a woman in the face with her own pepper spray after she and her companion tried to flee his Central District with his computer after all hell broke loose on East Yesler Way last Wednesday around midnight. A woman with a recent history of prostitution related run-ins with the law was arrested following the melee.

According to the man, the two women were dropped off at his apartment by another man who was driving a silver, “4-door” Audi. The man told police that at some point he decided the women needed to leave and told them to get out. As the women left his apartment, the man noticed one was carrying his laptop. As he tried to retrieve his computing device, the woman let fly with a jet of pepper spray. The man told police he was able to grab the woman’s pack, wrestle control of the canister, and turn the spray back on the women who fled.

There was enough pepper spray still in the air when officers arrived that Seattle Fire was summoned to bring in a fan to clear the fumes.

Responding officers found one of the women a short distance away from the apartments a few minutes later. She complained of a burning throat and eyes as she was arrested but refused medical attention. The man in the Audi and the other woman were not immediately found.