The Morning Blotter: High School Rumor Mill Leads to Brawl

A rumor about a student’s possible involvement in a home invasion robbery led to a brawl near Ballard High School last week, according to a police report.

Police were called to the school around noon on January 5th where they met with the assistant principal and a student, who had allegedly beaten a schoolmate one day earlier at a park near campus.

The student told police he had heard a rumor that the victim was involved in a home-invasion at his grandmother’s house last year.

According to the report, on January 4th, the student showed up at a park near the school with two carloads of other teens and confronted the victim.

The report says the student told police he didn’t assault the other boy, and claimed someone else had attacked the victim. The report’s a bit confusing, but it appears the teen told officers that someone observing the confrontation at the park was responsible for the assault. The report also indicates someone, possibly the victim, threatened to shoot someone else involved in the confrontation.

Police escorted the suspect off school property, and attempted to talk to the victim about the assault.