A Little Update On SPDs Budget Situation

We’ve already told you that, SPD’s planning on cutting back their crime prevention programs and officer hiring, due to the city’s massive gaping budgetary black hole.

We’ve got a little update for ya:

Two of SPD’s six Crime Prevention Coordinators (CPC) are retiring—one at North Precinct and one at Southwest—and it looks like the department will lay off one additional CPC, leaving three city-wide.

We’ve also heard that those coordinators might be moved out of their respective precincts and relocated to SPD’s downtown HQ–far away from the neighbors they’ve worked with for the last umpteen years–to work under the department’s new Community Outreach Section. A department spokesman wouldn’t confirm the possible move, calling it a “personnel issue.”

We’ll update you on the CPC situation as we hear more.

In other SPD budget news, SPD Deputy Chief Clark Kimerer told a group of neighbors at the North Precinct Advisory Committee meeting earlier this month that SPD is still hiring new officers to fill positions opened by retirements and transfers.

The department is also working to get a federal grant to pay for 34 additional officers.

The more you know!