Police Investigating Capitol Hill Apartment Vandalism As Possible Hate Crime

Police are investigating vandalism at a Capitol Hill apartment complex as a possible hate crime after a group of punks spraypainted anti-gay slurs throughout the building.

It appears a manager at the building on 14th and Boren called police around noon and January 12th, and reported that someone had “trashed” a laundry room, and kicked or pried open several doors in a storage area.

A police report says the suspects used black spraypaint and a yellow marker to write “fag” and “fagit” in four different areas in the building, threw clothes around the laundry room, put wrapping paper in a washing machine, and kicked over a garbage can.

The manager told police he believes five suspects—who have ben “burglarizing the building, damaging property, and harassing” him for the last several months—were responsible for the tagging and damage.

“These suspects have repeatedly yelled ‘Fag!’ and ‘Brown Stain!'” at the manager, the report says, and he “thinks that these suspects are harassing him because [he] stood up to them, and they are trying to scare him into backing down.”

Police recovered a marker at the scene and collected it as evidence. The report for the incident says my investigate the incident as a case of malicious harassment, Washington’s hate crime statute.