The Morning Blotter: Men Pistol-Whipped, Tazed In Home Invasion On Aurora

A group of armed robbers pistol-whipped and  used a stun gun on two men at an apartment building at 86th and Aurora during an apparent home-invasion robbery last week.

Around 8:00 p.m. on January 14th, a man called police and said he’d gone to check on his neighbor after hearing a commotion coming from his apartment, when he saw a man standing in his neighbor’s living room yelling and waving a gun around. The armed man pointed the gun at the neighbor, who fled back to his apartment and called 911.

Police showed up at the building and found three men in an apartment, who said they’d been attacked by three robbers.

A 26-year-old man told police he was standing in the kitchen of the apartment when the three suspects burst through the door. One of the suspects pistol-whipped the man, while another one of the suspects zapped him with a stun gun.

The suspects then used the stun gun on a 37-year-old man, who walked out of a bedroom in the apartment during the robbery.

According to a police report, the suspects tried to take an Xbox in the victims’ living room, until a third 23-year-old man came out of another room in the apartment and pulled a gun on the suspects.

The suspects ran out of the apartment and fled the scene.

At the scene, officers found a roll of duct tape, which appeared to have drops of blood on it.

The victims told police they did not recognize the suspects, who are described in the report as three white males dressed in black.

A witness told police she saw the men flee the scene in a white vehicle, but wasn’t able to provide officers with the license plate number.