What Were Those Booms At 89th And Linden?

Thursday morning, we got a couple of emails from Seattlecrime readers about a series of loud booms in their neighborhood around 89th and Linden:

At approximately 11:30 There was a VERY loud bang, enough to shake our house 1/2 block away, with the TV on fairly loud.

I could see 5-6 police and/or sheriff cars out our window, not including several more marked and unmarked that arrived oncoming, and 2 large ‘shuttle’ paddy wagons. One was only marked as a Seattle Metro wagon. I would put the estimate of vehicles around 12 from my position.

I attempted to exit my front door and was commanded by an officer near my house to stay in my house. 5-10 minutes later I saw at least 1 handcuffed person being put in a police car. [T]here was at least 12 fully dressed green armored policemen, whom I assume were SWAT.


If you could help. Last night at 11:30 swat and king county sheriffs went big into a house on the corner of 89th and Linden, complete with concussion grenades. I spilled my drink for gods sake!

It took awhile to find out what went down on Linden Wednesday night, but according to KCSO spokesman John Urquhart, deputies were serving a drug warrant at a home on 89th and Linden:

[It was] served by our SWAT Team and a couple of detectives from our Kenmore precinct. 

[Deputies] recovered about 25 grams of heroin and a couple grams of meth. 

A 27 year-old man was arrested out of the house and booked on drug charges.  A seven year-old boy living in the house was turned over to Child Protective Services.  Not related to the arrested man but living in the house.

Exciting stuff!

We always love it when folks email us, so never hesitate to send us an email if you see flashing lights in your neighborhood.